21 Funny Central Park Puns & Instagram Captions

If you’re looking for some funny puns about Central Park, you’ve hit the jackpot! I’ve got quite a few silly Central Park dad jokes up my sleeve, ready to make you groan (or your Instagram followers chuckle).

These silly puns also make fantastic Central Park Instagram captions if you’ve run out of things to say but still want a witty quip beneath your snaps of Central Park!

Central Park Puns

Central Park always perks me up.

I can’t help but fall for Central Park.

I’d really lake to live by Central Park

I’m growing quite pond of Central Park

Walking around Central Park in spring has me feeling cherry.

I’m zoo excited to be visiting Central Park

Central Park just floats my boat.

Wandering around Central Park is such a tree-t!

Central Park, you’re tree-mendous

I never want to leaf Central Park

I’m pine-ing to return to Central Park

Another pine day in Central Park

Central Park is just oak-ay

Is it just me, or has Central Park gotten more poplar lately?

Central Park is the place fir me.

Place-Specific Central Park Instagram Captions

Just Ramble-ing around in Central Park [at the Ramble]

I can’t Belvedere how beautiful Central Park is. [looking at Belvedere Castle]

On a sunny day, there’s no Bethesda place to be. [at Bethesda Terrace]

Just carouse-(l)ing around. [best accompanying the Carousel]

Strawberry fields forever. [best done in the eponymous field!]

Lost in wander-land. [best accompanying the famous Alice in Wonderland statue]

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world [best accompanying the memorial to John Lennon]