11 Silly Brooklyn Bridge Puns & Instagram Captions

If you’re trying to think of what to caption your killer photo of the Brooklyn Bridge — I’m here to help! Here are some so-bad-they’re-good Brooklyn Bridge puns to choose from.

Whether you want to make your friends cringe when you’re visiting the Brooklyn Bridge or you want the best Brooklyn Bridge Instagram caption to make all of your followers snort-laugh, here are the best Brooklyn Bridge puns for you to choose from!

Brooklyn Bridge Puns

I’ll be Brooklyn it back to you.

Never Brook back.

There’s no Brook(lyn) too big to bridge.

I’ll call you Crooklyn Bridge, because you stole my heart

They should call this Shooklyn Bridge, because the views are crazy

Brooklyn overlookin’

A bridge grows in Brooklyn

New York’s so expensive, they should call it the Broke-lyn Bridge

Bookin’ it to the Brooklyn Bridge

Looking over the Beast River

Spanning over the Beast River